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Kanye West Says Holler If Ya Hear Ye, Wins Big In Nasty Digital Fight |

Following the suit's filing, the creators of Coinye -- a electronic currency they hoped would rival encrypted Bitcoin -- Kim Kardashian hot pictures said they would change (source) the name. Their website even posted a message, "COINYE IS DEAD. You win, Kanye." (NY Post) Back in January, reports about a New York judge green lighting Ye to allow his attorneys to hunt down the people behind Coinye bubbled online. A judge in New York City has given Kanye West's lawyers permission to track the anonymous creators of an online currency which the rapper claims is trading off his name. The team behind the currency has so far remained anonymous, but during a court Kim Kardashian workout routine hearing on Thursday (16Jan14), U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres granted West's attorneys legal authority to track down the identities of those behind the scheme. The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages, and seeks to block the exchange of the Coinye currency. (Hollywood) Despite appearing to shut down a few days prior, Coinye had only made a few minor changes and informed online users it did not fall victim to Ye's wrath. The website is currently live, allowing users to start using the currency -- dubbed CoinyeCoin -- today.

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Hollywood Favorite Audi To Introduce Electric Models (report) - The Hollywood Reporter

Its electric R8 and Q8 are meant to remind the town that there can be hip electrics besides Telsa's Model S -- and BMW's new i8. Add Audi to the German nameplates fielding electric cars that will compete directly with Tesla's Model S and its long-delayed Model X crossover SUV, which the company says it will start manufacturing in early 2015. Citing sources within Audi, Reuters reports that Volkswagen's luxury division plans to offer an electric version of its flashy R8 sports car by the end of this year. Audi is also developing an electric Q8 SUV, a direct competitor to Tesla's Model X, Reuters said. PHOTOS 'Need for Speed': Stars Bring Hot Cars to L.A. Premiere Hollywood's embrace of the Tesla Model S shook up the status hierarchy that Mercedes, BMW and Audi once ruled by default. Now, each is investing heavily in new electrics and plug-in hybrids that should appeal to the market that Tesla pioneered by selling the Model S as hip, green and technologically advanced. Audi fielded several concept electric and plug-in hybrid cars in recent years but stopped short of building them over concerns about their range on a single batter charge. Advances in battery technology at Audi -- along with Volkswagen's kim kardashian kim kardashian experience producing well-received electrics like the e-Golf and eUp -- resulted in range increases to 280 miles per charge for the R8 and about 250 miles for the Q8. German automakers are betting that market for electric cars will greatly expand in the coming years.

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Kanye West Blasts Barack Obama: ?i?m On A Mission From God?

Kanye thought he would have a go at none other than the President of the United States, Barack Obama, during an interview he gave to Power106fm : You cant effect change from inside the White House like that You Kim Kardashian xvideos gotta have the money. Good ideas usually arent united states connected to money as much Creativity and extreme genius are extremely cheap, he ranted, referring to the Presidents policies on public spending. In order to deflect any criticism of his clearly cunning plan to save the world, Kanye then went on to tell people not to worry about how he is saying what he is saying. His quote seemed not very well thought out and, at the very least, not put very eloquently: Dont worry about how Im saying what Im saying. Look at what Im saying and how I feel my intent is. You do not want to go against the power.

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Kanye West Was Not Upset About Rob Kardashian's Wedding Departure | Reality Tv Magazine

kim kardashian instagram kanye-west-not-upset-rob-kardashian-wedding-departure

No matter the reason, Kanye was not at all bothered by Robs decision to ditch the other wedding. Kanye West desperately wanted everything to be perfect for Kim Kardashians wedding, but in terms of attendance, he was forced to let go of that perfectionism. Several major celebrities failed to show up for the big event, but more importantly, Kims own brother left well before the ceremony took place. Twitter followers expected that Kanye would be super angry about Rob leaving before the wedding, but as it turns out, the hip hop artist decided that is was all for the best. An insider told Hollywood Life , Kanye didntwant anyone at thewedding who wasnthappy for he and Kim or who would bring any negative energy into the atmosphere. The source explained that, while many of the other guests were dealing with personal problems, they were able to set aside their issues in order to celebrate Kim and Kanyes big day. Nothing else mattered and all the guests knew that and respected that exceptRob. Once Rob was out of the picture, kim kardashian ray j tape Kim was finally able to relax and enjoy the festivities. There were no problems after that and Kim was all smiles! Why do you think Rob Kardashian ditched his sisters wedding?

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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Have Dinner In Prague During Honeymoon: Pic - Us Weekly

Credit: PacificCoastNews Wedded bliss! After tying the knot in Florence, Italy on Saturday, May 24, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West continued Kim Kardashian eyebrows their honeymoon this week with a stop in Prague. Kim Kardashian beach Mr. and Mrs. West were first spotted in Ireland on Monday, May 26, after their star-studded nuptials. The parents to daughter North, 11 months, were seen taking it easy while in the country, hitting a local movie theater in casual clothes. Click here to see more amazing pics of Kim .

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